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Women's Enterpreneurship & ICT in APEC

In the current age, it is conceived that ICT can play an important role in women’s economic empowerment. This online platform was created as a way to disseminate the research findings on successful APEC women entrepreneurs, to create opportunities for networking, and to continue to promote women’s economic empowerment through ICT.

The first two sections below provide a general overview of the research project and findings, while the last section aims to promote connection and entrepreneurship by creating a space where women (from APEC regions) can upload their business ideas, receive input/advice from our expert business consultants, and connect with other like-minded women from around the world.

Asia Pacific Women’s Information Network Center (APWINC) thanks you for your interest and support in our project. We encourage you to take a closer look at the research findings, as well as to engage in our on-line community.

Report on APEC Economy

For this research study, APWINC was fortunate enough to engage with 21 researchers from 19 countries. As part of research study, researchers completed two parts: 1) investigation of each APEC Economy in terms of ICT and women entrepreneurship, and 2) country case study of successful women entrepreneurs. This section presents report detailing the overall country, ICT, gender, and entrepreneurial landscape of the countries covered. Read more

Success Stories of APEC Women Entrepreneurs

A key part of this platform is to motivate, inspire, and empower women through the success stories, advice, and tips from established female founders, like those featured in our case studies.

In order to addressan urgent need to understand, research, & promote ICT, especially as it intersects with women and entrepreneurship, APWINC spearheaded a year-long research project titled ‘Women's Economic Empowerment and ICT’ to better understand how women entrepreneurs in APEC economies are leveraging ICT to promote their businesses.

The research involved 24 female founders spanning 21 countries, who have leveraged ICT technologies to launch and successfully run businesses from a variety of industries. Each country case study goes onto comprehensively detail: (1) the key factors that contributed to the founders’ entrepreneurial success, as well as the main challenges faced by female entrepreneurs today, (2) specific country policy recommendations, and (3) general advice the participants have for other women entrepreneurs. Read more


Networking was a key and reoccurring theme throughout the research findings. Female founders from across the globe reiterated the importance and need for networking; stating that it was a critical component of successful entrepreneurship.

Therefore, this specific on-line platform is intended to make the findings from our research project more accessible and interactive by directly catering to and engaging women entrepreneurs from all APEC economies. Users are encouraged to upload their business ideas, engage with our expert business consultants who are on-hand to give personal and direct advice, or network with other registered female entrepreneurs. The goal of this platform is to create a safe, open, and useful space for women entrepreneurs to learn more about ICT and entrepreneurship, and hopefully to connect and promote female led businesses within APEC economies. Read more

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APEC WEF Seminar

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"Innovative Use Of ICT/Smart Technologies By APEC Women Enterpreneurs"

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"Smart Technology and APEC Women's Economic Empowerment in the 4th Industrial Revolution"

2016 Peru

""New Value Creation of APEC Women's Business through Smart Technology and Leadership"

2015 Phillippines

"Leveraging Smart Technologies & Global Best Practices for APEC Women Entrepreneurs"

2014 China

"Empowering Women's Economic Performance using Smart Technology : Supporting Policies and Training"



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